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"viva la revolucion"

hmm new years kicked some supreme ass. i'll post pictures later. my god, it was all so fucking funny.

i got this big cut on my toe when i stepped in broken glass, and i bled all over people so i feel bad.

i feel like making cards for people to let them know how appreciated they are. i think i will do that. it will be the great project of the evening.

tomorrow i totally get my braces off. what now bitch?!?!? and i prolly won't have to go into class, because i rule like that.. and i have an appointment at 10:30 and my mommy said i can sleep in.

in comparison with last year, this new years rocked. last year, alana and i sat on the steps of a family friend's house, saying how we hated the holiday and we needed to celebrate it in order to actually call it a holiday. and this year we did. the crew there was : Zoe, Suzy, Johnson, Timmy, Alana and me. then we had a big sleepover. it would have been cooler if tim could have stayed, but it's all good. we all rolled around on each other. quote of the night.....

(Zoe- "johnson, get out of our bed, this is not a three person bed, it's a full bed for two people")

Johnson: You're mom's a full bed

my god. i love those kids... the ones who chase after me when i stupidly run up to the roof to dance in the open air.. while i was a wee bit intoxicated.

then later.. everyone crawled up on the roof.. and we laid under a blanket and stared at the stars. and it was so pretty out. it was a feel good moment.

mmkay, i gotta get to making these cards, and deciding what to wear tomorrow. kthnxbye. <3
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