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there's no where else i wanted to be than being there when you needed me.

i love the wallflowers.
i love my "gurl"friends
i love my boyfriend
i love my really strange guy friends
i love warm weather
i love the color of healthy grass
i love smiling and knowing the right path was laid out for me by the ones i love.
i love watching my cat run into walls.
i love making up stupid nicknames.
i love the sims 2 University
i love reading under the covers with a flashlight
i love being lead to my bed by a boy who only intends to kiss my forehead and tuck me in.
i love my boyfriend's family.
i love brownie batter.
i love brownie batter ice cream by ben & jerry's.
i love barns turned into party spots and venues for local bands by simply stringing up christmas lights and putting up random colored spotlights.
i love bondfires and the idiots who stand too close to them.
i love testdriving cars.
i love what will soon be my car.

i've got love for good things in life and i don't want to think about the things i don't have love for.
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