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finals can suck it.

so it was a tent party without the tent due to inclimate weather. but it was still lots of fun. we went to eat as usual... we watched seven and laughed when it was supposed to be serious. it was a good night.

friday night we were attempting to see a movie, but that didn't work out because in our town, it starts to rain and everyone flocks to the fucking theaters. eh. but then alana and i had THE BEST COTTON CANDY ICE CREAM EVER. from maggie moo's. the cow i purchased there is still nameless but it's all good.

travis has to go to stupid germany soon. i mean, i'm all for culture. but culture for three weeks separating the two of us just is out of the question. it will be a challenge. i will most likely go insane. but when he comes home.... we'll somehow make up for lost time. he really does make everything great.

other than that, finals fucking suck as usual, even more because of mrs brown's inability to teach anything at all. it's bullshit. but oh well.
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