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you might wanna sing

this weekend ruled. friday night was fucking off the hook, because we drove around with alana, freaking her out and getting her lost in the depths of chester springs/ eagle. then we went back to suz's and played friends trivia until momsen and travis came later, when we kept playing it, which got pretty interesting. then eventually i got home.

then i woke up, drove the car (!!!!) with my mom over to trav's where i was supposed to have trainspotting but i left the disc at home. Lindsay was there, i guess chilling with momsen. then we went out to dinner with the whole Lee family. Then we were supposed to have bowling, but due to "ghetto" kids (as ghetto as you can get in downingtown) getting their grind on, we had a whole age crisis, what with Tomas being 18. So ryan invited everyone to trav's house (hahaha ahhh gotta love ryan) so then we went back and partied, hot tubbed it and what not.

i found myself in the hottub with the most random group ever. Rob, Ryan, Tomas, Travis (not complaining there) and me. with lindsays sound effects coming from the background... her jumping on the trampoline and screaming like a little kid. some of the good weekend quotes came from that hot tub. let's recap.

- "Sometimes, I like to empty out a bottle of ginger ale, refill it with bourbon, and do my homework with it."

- Ryan:  "Rob, man, you gotta come up for air, you can't just lay in the hottub without breathing. man i just saved your life!!"

  Rob: "yeah, right man, i totally forgot"

- Tomas: "Wet Tee Shirt Contest!!!"

- Tomas: "I feel like I'm on baywatch."

- Ryan: "stop staring at my nipples."

- Travis: ".... No, for the last time, i refuse to stuff my girlfriend in the trunk of my car"

- Ryan: " I just called everyone and told them party at your place, man i even called my GRANDMOM!"

- Ryan: "shannon, can you maybe leave the room? i just got naked."

- Travis (see above comment) " But I can stay.... right?"


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