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damage control

mmm i love food poisoning. me and johnson got it from the bread we had last night. hot damn. but it's okay. because.. well actually no.. it just sucks entirely. i don't think i missed anything important but still.

they are calling for snow<3 on late saturday/early sunday. yes! can we say hot tubbing it at j-man's? somewhere in east side marios... there are little blocks that say "tay tay is black" "shannon" "nizzle" "mike" and "mecca". and mr johnson was trying to write on the wall too until he realized how immature it looked for a grown man like himself to be jumping to reach an empty spot towards the ceiling.

"You can get convinced,that we can get convinced. But either way the truth is bound to get twisted. You can't take a break when the pain of the world is weighing on your next decision"

one spot on my back keeps itching.and it isnt a bugbite.

the heat has just kicked off in my room. oh my god. its the coldest room in the house with the heat on... i dont wanna think about how miserable i'm going to be tomorrow morning while pulling on my clothes as fast as possible.

i'm gonna fucking hibernate.

( i die trying just to keep myself from kissing you )
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HOT TUB <3<3<3<3

we need a sleepover and suzy-shan time. love you dearest.
the girl that wants to be british in puerto rico.


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