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green eyes... green eyes.

xXx I hope you're happy now that you've found a place to settle down xXx

this weekend was really good. relaxing/emotional/fun/significant.  i did some good crying, got it all out of my system, and right now i only wanna focus on happiness... trying in school... and being a good friend.  i woke up on saturday... and went to lunch with alana and helga while alana was on her lunch break. then i ran some errands with helga and we picked up some flowers for sunday's tea party.

then on saturday night... for no reason at all... we had a buddy chat. and i talked to alot of people, and i feel more caught up with everything. the tea party rocked. because everyone looked so damn pretty. i'll have to get to uploading my pics. then alana and i went to see In good company.... and it was good and all... but i think i was gonna cry at the end because nothing wound up in a neat little package. but it was chill anyways. and alana and i were rocking fucking hot eye makeup.... and i usually hate dramatic eyeliner.. but this shit was hottttt.

then today i woke up.. came home and was alone for awhile while the rents were finishing up at jeff's funeral.. got a new cancer awareness band... it's gray. he was a good guy. alot of people showed up. 50 cars.  my dad is sad.. i can tell.

i took a bath, and after a short nap went to johnsons. then we went to the mall and had dinner at east side marios. all in all... this weekend was good.

now let's hope this week goes by fast..... because i dont wanna lose my mind again

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