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2nd bomb threat of the fucking week at school. it's getting really annoying, because it's always cold when they call them in. and of course, they don't warn us students... but they warn gym teachers.

anyways, i froze my ass off and then i had a whole 30 seconds to think to myself while i booked it to class after the bell had rang, and i swear i will never ever ever be on time for english class.

and then i took my chem test after school, and i had soooo much time because mr. davidson was coaching, and he just left me with it, and that was freaking wierd. but i think i did alright, because all my redox equations were balanced. in their own fucked up way. actually only the last one looked fucked up.

Tonight is a new o.c. helllll yes. something tells me it won't be as dramatic as the "chrismakkuh fiasco"


so lately we've been talking so much about our river country memories, it's definitely going to be a tradition, because i had so much fun, and i just laugh thinking about us. floating along... with inquisitve questions and a candy supply worth $45 from the hot dog man. god. i can't wait for summer again.

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